Retired Gunner G4

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Product Overview

Retired Gunner - Used by Field Trialers to simulate a gunner in the field retiring behind a blind after throwing a mark.

Operates on both the Dogtra RR Deluxe and the Tritronics Pro Control RL release electronics. A second port on the receiver allows you to operate a remote launcher and the retired gunner at the same time (ie. both the launcher and the retired gunner are plugged into one receiver). This means you do not need a dedicated receiver to operate the retired gunner when used next to a remote winger.

To set up the retired gunner a heavy wire coat hanger with a white coat draped over it is clipped to the Retired Gunner. The plug/wire harness is plugged into the open port of the receiver and you are ready to run your dog. After the mark is launched you determine the timing of when to retire the coat. By simply pressing the secondary button on the remote transmitter the hanger/white coat drops to the ground thus "retiring" the gunner or thrower. Note: the coat once dropped to the ground cannot be raised remotely.

Comes complete with 5' stand, retired gunner and 6' wire harness. Hanger and coat not included.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review