Easy Rider Top Tray Tan

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Product Overview

The Easy Ride Top Tray is designed to contain your dog gear, shotgun shells, bagged birds, etc. on top of your Ruff Lan Kennel. It won’t slide off the kennel because it’s recessed base nests onto the protrusion on the kennel top. Or, it can be bolted down (with optional hardware). And, it’s extremely easy to clean! Durable roto-molded construction. Sets on top of your Ruff Land™ Kennel Fits Ruff Land™ Kennels from Intermediate through XL (excluding Intermediate SUV) Fits flush to the edge with Intermediate Kennels, slightly recessed on Large and XL 29 1/4" x 19" x 7". Lines up with molded inserts on the intermediate sizes, will need to drill holes for Large and XL sizes. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review